Dr Peta Stapleton

Clinical & Health Psychologist, World Leading Researcher, Author & Educator.

Dr. Peta Stapleton


Dr Peta Stapleton has 25 years experience as a registered Clinical and Health Psychologist and is currently an Associate Professor in Psychology at Bond University (Australia). In 2019 she was named Psychologist of the Year by the Australian Allied Health Awards.

She is a world leading researcher in EFT (or tapping as it is also known) and has established herself as one of Australia’s leading  Health Professionals. Her research focuses on the 4th wave of psychological therapies that focus on the mind and body.

One of her most significant contributions in her life has been to lead world-first randomized clinical trials investigating the effectiveness of EFT (See Research Page).

Dr. Peta Stapleton runs a series of workshop trainings throughout Australia teaching Allied Health Professionals and Teachers EFT Tapping and is co-founder of Mind Heart Connect, an organisation that raises awareness of the mind-body connection through evidence based practices.

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The Science Behind Tapping 


Dr. Peta Stapleton’s latest book (Hay House) is a proven stress management technique for the mind and body.

Available now in all major outlets and in audio form.

Upcoming Workshops

Peta offers a range of interactive live in person, and online EFT Tapping workshops, for beginners and advanced practitioners. Learn Tapping for Personal Everyday Use or dive deep into learning Tapping for client use. Visit below for upcoming dates.

Online Programs

Peta offers a range of EFT Tapping online programs with lifetime access for beginners, and Masterclasses for advanced practitioners. To learn more and access today visit below.

What is Tapping or EFT?

EFT Tapping is simply a self applied stress reduction tool. It can be taught to children as young as 5 years old, and now has more than 250 research trials published to support its effectiveness.

The 13th World Tapping Summit

The Tapping World Summit is an online event that you can attend for Free (while it is live). Each day, twice a day for ten days, in the “Virtual Seminar Room” attendees are personally taught how to use tapping for specific issues. You also get to “tap-along” with experts for the specific topics. You will learn the fundamentals of Tapping all the way through to the more advanced techniques.

Dr Peta Stapleton is presenting on Day 1 on the Science Behind Tapping.

The Tapping World Summit Premiers: February 22nd, 2021