How Long Does it Take to Reduce Food Cravings with Tapping?

By January 25, 2020Blog

I have spent the better part of the last decade researching EFT Tapping for food issues (including looking inside brains!).

But do you wonder how long it takes to achieve NO CRAVINGS? Are shorter programs are as effective as longer ones?

We did look at this –

In study one, 96 overweight and obese adults were randomly allocated to a 4-week treatment for their food craving or waitlist condition. In study two, an 8-week EFT program for 47 adults, the same variables were measured as per study 1.

Participants were assessed for degree of food craving, perceived power of food, restraint capabilities and psychological symptoms at pre-, post-, 6- and 12-month follow-up.

Outcomes indicated significant reductions in food cravings, subjective power of food, dietary restraint, Body Mass Index, and weight for both interventions. There were no significant differences between the intervention groups in terms of the effect size of outcomes for the variables measured, thus indicating that the 4-week EFT treatment could achieve the outcomes that the 8-week program did.

And that is the answer 😁

Here is the paper for you to explore.