Common Tapping Questions Part II

By November 22, 2019Blog


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Q: How soon can I tap on my own?⁠

You can use the technique on your own as soon as you understand the concepts. However, always know you can seek the assistance and support of professional practitioners too. Remember If you would like to watch a video of me teaching tapping and outlining how it works, see below!

Q: I worry about getting the setup or the tapping wrong. Does EFT have to be done precisely and perfectly?⁠

No, there is no such thing as perfect EFT. For example, people with significant brain injury have reported benefits from doing their version of EFT that differed somewhat from what they were taught . What mattered was that they were able to grasp the EFT concept; and because their unconscious brain understood the intention, they were able to gain benefits from the way they did it. ⁠
If you are really worried about getting it right (and without the help of a professional), tap with the setup statement “Even though I am worried about getting the words wrong, and it might not work, I accept myself anyway” (reminder phrase would be “worried”).⁠

Q: Can I make things worse if I don’t tap exactly as taught?⁠

No, you won’t make anything worse—just stick to the basic steps. If you don’t feel you completed the process because you haven’t reached a SUD of 0 or 1, return to it another time. It is always best to tap until you feel calm, or there may still be aspects to deal with. Seek the support of a certified EFT practitioner if you do need assistance.⁠