EFT books for Little Ones

By January 28, 2019Blog

If you are looking for ways to introduce EFT / Tapping to younger children, look no further! These books featured here are a great way to read a story and teach the skill of tapping. There are many on the market and designed for all ages – these 3 below just happen to be on my bookshelf and are for under 10 year olds! I have added an extra non-EFT book that is just brilliant in terms of teaching mindfulness/relaxation exercises and complements EFT perfectly. I find myself dipping into it often (and my 11 year old likes me to read the exercises to her at night).

  1. Gorilla Thumps and Bear Hugs : A Tapping Solution Children’s Story is Alex Ortner’s book (brother of Jessica and Nick Ortner of The Tapping Solution). It is a lovely story of a child being teased in the playground at school (a common event!) and another student teaches her tapping. Suitable for up to 10 years, this books teaches the 4 EFT points rather than the 8 adults use.
  2. A Garden of Emotions : Cultivating Peace Through Eft Tapping is Brad Yates’ latest children’s book (he also wrote The Wizard’s Wish). This book is unique in that is not only discuses how to use tapping for different emotions, but comes with 10 videos that can be instantly downloaded by scanning in a code or entering it on a computer.  Really beautiful illustrations in this book.
  3. Huggi the Bear: Magic Spots is an Australian children’s book written by Psychologist Laura Louise Love. She also illustrated the book that teaches younger children (2-7 years) how to use tapping.
  4. The Power of Your Child’s Imagination : How to Transform Stress and Anxiety Into Joy and Success is filled with practical exercises to empower your child to cope with stress and anxiety. The scripts are designed to be read so children can use their imagination to access their own natural strength and confidence. It includes scripts for stress-induced headaches and stomachaches, phobias, panic attacks, and social anxiety, bed-wetting and sleepless nights, separation anxiety and so much more!

That’s all for now – more on recommendations on general EFT books in other posts, and specific topic areas.

Please note I do recommend Book Depository for books as I love that they have free postage worldwide. I am also an affiliate for them given the amount of books I purchase! Of course you are welcome to shop at your local store or favourite site online!

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