EFT Tapping and Students

By January 29, 2020Blog

It’s a return to school week here in Australia after a long summer break. 🌞⁠

Fear of failure and emotional difficulties are particularly common in high achieving students. This often results in self-handicapping and defensive pessimism, which leads to failure or lowered academic achievement . We know students who are engaged in the content they are learning have better retention and improved problem solving skills. ⁠

But students often face barriers that prevent active engagement learning such as stress. Stress has the potential to affect memory, concentration, and problem solving abilities that can then lead to decreased student engagement and self-directed learning.⁠

Fortunately we also know that higher levels of self-esteem and resilience are shown to protect against fear of failure and emotional difficulties, and predict improved academic outcomes in both high school and university students. However few studies have investigated low-cost group intervention methods aimed at improving self-esteem and resilience in students. ⁠

It turns out EFT Tapping is very effective for reducing anxiety, stress and other emotional issues and it works on both real and imagined stressors for children and teens. It can significantly increase positive emotions and self-esteem and resilience too, and decrease their negative emotional states. And interestingly, it is often easier to teach them, and they achieve faster results.⁠

You can read about the research in The Science Behind Tapping (Hay House) including all the clinical trials conducted in academic settings.