EFT Tapping and the Central Nervous System

By February 20, 2020Blog

Exciting EFT research has been conducted on heart rate variability and heart coherence, the circulatory system using resting pulse rate and blood pressure, the endocrine system using cortisol, and the immune system using salivary immunoglobulin A.

All of this added up to being one extensive measurement of the central nervous system (CNS). The CNS controls most functions of the body and mind and consists of two parts: the brain and the spinal cord. So basically this study was looking at the impact of EFT on all of this. The study also looked at changes in the psychological symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, pain, cravings, and happiness.

The 31 participants were attending a five-day workshop and being taught 16 modules of EFT in a group, with 12 hours of practice. All of those measurements mentioned were taken at the start and end of the workshop, and the participants reported reductions in these areas:

  • Anxiety (39%)
  • Depression (46%)
  • PTSD (32%)
  • Pain (66%)
  • Food cravings (80%)

They also reported their happiness increased (by 13%) as did their immune system (by 61%). They also had significant improvements in their resting heart rate (by 8%), their stress hormone cortisol levels (by 49%), their systolic blood pressure (by 6%), and diastolic blood pressure (by 11%. Systolic blood pressure refers to the pressure inside your arteries when your heart is pumping; diastolic pressure is the pressure inside your arteries when your heart is resting between beats.

These were some impressive gains over the five days. A downward trend was observed for heart rate variability, along with an upward trend for heart coherence, suggesting an improvement in cardiovascular health and function. Although the trend was not statistically significant, the authors determined that an additional 13 participants would have impacted the statistical significance of those measurements. What was exciting was that 60 days later when the researchers followed up with the attendees, everyone indicated they had maintained the gains in their psychological symptom improvements.


Bach, D., Groesbeck, G., Stapleton, P., Sims, R., Blickheuser, K., & Church, D. (2019). Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Improves Multiple Physiological Markers of Health. Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine, 24. https://doi.org/10.1177/2515690X18823691

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