Expanded Awareness

By March 4, 2020Blog

Have you ever used expanded awareness?

By using it we can take in more information from the world around us, both in terms in what is observed from a rational conscious state, as well as subjective experience. You can sense more than your 5 senses allow.

Also, you can induce a state of relaxation or trance in yourself, or others if you guide them towards a state of expanded awareness.

There is a very simple technique to learn and practice expanded awareness. You can try it at the start of sessions with clients or anytime in the day.

The Technique

  1. Pick a single spot above eye level. Perhaps a light fixture, a spot on the wall, the corner where the wall meets the ceiling.
  2. Look at this spot with all of your focus. Fully and completely.
  3. While looking at this spot with all of your focus, notice what is around the spot.
  4. Now, while looking at this spot with all of your focus, expand your vision slowly. As slow as you can comfortably do this. See more and more in the peripheral vision than you do in the central part of your vision (foveal vision).
  5. While looking at this spot with complete focus, notice the walls, the floor, the ceiling etc. You should be feeling more relaxed, peaceful and calm than ever before. This is also a state whereby you are unlikely to experience any stress, worry, anger etc.
  6. While looking at this spot, get a sense of….what’s behind you? Now you are in expanded awareness.
  7. Stay in this state (peripheral vision) for as long as you can. Notice how it feels to be one with everything around you. Surrender to the greater force within you, since the state of surrendering is necessary for you to tap into the power of the Law of Attraction. Notice the joy that begin to infiltrate you as you continue to hold on to the state. Create an anchor for this positive state. Practice doing this faster and faster. Expanding and narrowing again your awareness. It’s OK if you feel a little spaced out. It happens, and this is called self-hypnosis.


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