Food to Change your Mood

By February 18, 2020Blog

Have you ever used food to (try) and change your mood state? You would not be alone!

Even our research examining food diaries of women in our clinical trials indicated most of them used food for many other reasons other than hunger! Full study here.

Sometimes we learn these messages (to soothe with food) from well meaning parents and caregivers, who just want to express love – but inadvertently do this with food.  And associations set in young childhood when we are in theta and delta brain wave states that allow us to be very open to messages we learn, become patterns in adulthood.

Whatever the reason – you can still change these associations – no matter what age.

We have explored this in many clinical trials examining EFT Tapping for food cravings and weight loss – here are the ideas that come from those groups – see which ones ring a bell or remind you of your own experiences. Then you can tap.

Setup Statements:

• Even though my mother let me eat more biscuits/ lollies/chocolate/junk food whenever I cried, I choose to love and accept myself

• Even though my grandmother always overfed me to keep me quiet when I visited her, I choose to completely love and accept myself anyway

• Even though my mother gave me ice-cream to distract me from feeling sad and disappointed when my friends wouldn’t let me play, I  accept myself

• Even though my dad started to buy me chips to make me feel better when I was disappointed about losing the football match, I deeply and completely accept myself

• Even though I was fed …… to make me feel better when I was sick with…………., I deeply and completely accept myself

Reminder Phrases:

• ………. (whatever food) when I cried

• Chocolate (whatever food) made me feel better

• Grandma and food

• Overfed to keep quiet

• Eat and be quiet

• Ice-cream (whatever food) to avoid disappointment

• Eat to avoid the feeling

• Ice-cream (whatever food) for comfort

• Chips (whatever food) to handle disappointment

• Chips (whatever food) for comfort

• Chips (whatever food) and my dad

• Food to feel better

• Fed to combat sickness

The idea is to find what happened to make food a soother in your life, and usually it would have been set up in your earlier life. If there was a specific trauma/memory associated with it, remember to reach out for a professional to guide you through it using EFT or Matrix Reimprinting. Our page has people in Australia or email for an international recommendation.

The most common thing people said at the end of an EFT Trial for Food Cravings was – “I thought it was about the food, and it wasn’t”.

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