Have You Noticed Your Memory Failing?

By September 15, 2019Blog

💡 An Easy Way to Improve your Memory ⁠

I thought I would share a trick I have been using EFT for – remembering! Not just the ‘tap on my memory issues’ idea – but for everyday things like walking into a room, and asking yourself “why did I walk in here again?” Who hasn’t done that at some point?⁠⁠

So now I just tap. I stand there in the room, and start tapping (eyebrow, side of eye….) – and say something like “why am I here”, or “what was I going to do here?”⁠

In a snap, it comes to me – none of this, I better walk out of the room and walk back in to jog my memory – this is much QUICKER. I never normally get through all 8 points before I remember why I was there.⁠

Try it :-)⁠

For longer term memory solutions, EFT is also a wondrous tool. I would highly recommend Dr Patricia Carrington’s program on this very topic.⁠ You can have a look at it here. 

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