New EFT Tapping Research Using Neurofeedback

By November 5, 2019Blog

New EFT Tapping research is investigating the use of neurofeedback in session, using a comfortable EEG headband called FocusBand. Electroencephalography (EEG) is the measurement of electrical activity produced by the brain.  Neurofeedback trains your brain to function more efficiently, improving mental functioning and emotional stability.

Much like physical training, we use brainwave training to strengthen specific brainwave patterns. The more you practice activating a specific area the stronger and more capable that area becomes.

Brainwaves in proper function run like an orchestra. Nothing too loud, nothing too quiet, with a harmonic beat. Restoring this natural symphony is what we do.

EFT Tapping is one way we can quieten the brain and using this wearable sensory device, get real time feedback on how it is working.

FocusBand is not just an EEG sensing device for measuring your brainwaves. It is a complete Neuro-Performance System for business, sports, wellness and gaming.

1. It is the only brain training system that uses an intuitive Avatar.

2. Proven performance in multiple applications.

3. It offers a complete training blueprint that has been validated on the US PGA Tour.

4. The first to use woven sensors

5. It is the only headset which you can wear while asleep in your bed

6 .It has a video option which syncs to the Avatar in real-time

7. The headset while soft and comfortable is still rugged, so you can run and jump without causing erroneous readings.

8. It is the only system that does not need a cumbersome ear-clip.

So we have partnered with FocusBand to use in our 2020 clinical trials using EFT. Have a watch of the video to see how tapping has an impact on the brain as I demonstrate using it.

You can read more here – this is a tool I believe every health professional could use in their work!

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