Positive Tapping: The Choices Method Part I

By February 14, 2020Blog

There is a powerful way to use tapping and that is to include the concept of choice into your setup statement.

As you know, the basic EFT Setup statement always begins with the words, “Even though…” and always ends with something like, “I  accept myself.”  This will often be meaningful to the person, but not always.

EFT Master Patricia Carrington, PhD, developed the Choices Method as an alternative to the setup statement. She says, “It was through experimenting with my own clients that the EFT Choices Method was born. In it, the person applying the method identifies the outcome that they would truly like to have for the problem at hand, and then puts this desired outcome into a sentence which commences with the words “I choose…”

The steps of the Choices Method:

  1. Obtain an initial intensity rating for the aspect of the problem you are going to work on. I am angry.
  2. Formulate a Choice that is the opposite of this negative cognition, an antidote to it. I choose to feel completely calm.
  3. Combine the negative cognition with the positive choice to create the Choices statement. Even though I am angry, I choose to feel completely calm.
  4. Tap on the side of the hand point while repeating the Choices statement three times.
  5. Continue the rest of the tapping process. The first EFT Round could address the negative part of the Choices statement as a reminder. Example: I’m angry.
  6. The second EFT Round could use the positive choice. Example: I choose to feel calm.
  7. The third EFT Round could use an alternate round, starting with the negative phrase on the first point and a positive choices phrase on the next point.
  8. Check your SUD rating after each round.

Check out the next blog to read from Patricia Carrington herself and how she applied it for a depression/marriage client.