Stages of Life: EFT Tapping and Dyslexia

By February 5, 2020Blog

There has been a case study done on how EFT can be used for Dyslexia (a learning condition which is evident in reading, comprehension, spelling and writing). Often the condition causes the child emotional distress as well. While this study is a single case study (often useful as the basis for larger trials), it is a starting point to learn what works and what doesn’t.⁠

A London therapist, worked with a woman in her 20s who suffered dyslexia and had sequencing, disorientation and emotional feelings attached to it. They had three sessions and addressed all of these areas with EFT. They started with past memories of teachers who had ridiculed her in class when she was younger. ⁠

The second session focused on two specific incidents involving two teachers at school. One was a maths class where she was not given the marks for correct answers, because she couldn’t explain the method she used to arrive at them. While she received marks for an incorrect answer (based on the method used), when she got the answer right, she got zero marks because she couldn’t explain the method.⁠

By the end of the three EFT sessions, the client was able to read easily and fluently, and understand sentences. The disorientation associated with the client’s dyslexia had also reduced significantly to a point where it was no longer an issue. ⁠

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Reference:  McCallion, F. (2012). Emotional Freedom Techniques for Dyslexia: A Case Study; Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, & Treatment 4(2). doi: 10.9769/EPJ.2012.4.2.FM⁠