Stages of Life: Using EFT Tapping for Exercise!

By February 7, 2020Blog

New research from the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases has linked specific exercises with brain health and cognitive performance. Indeed types of activities called cardiorespiratory exercise may be part of the puzzle that’ll help humans protect their brain health as they age.

But what if you hate exercise? You CAN use EFT Tapping to help!

You do need to work out WHY you hate exercise first but then you CAN tap – we included some of this in our clinical trials (more than 12 years’ worth now) – everyone tapping for weight loss and food cravings also tapped for increasing their desire to exercise.

Here are some setup statements to get you started – see which ones ring true for you – rate them out of 10 for truth

• Even though I loathe exercising, I deeply love and accept myself

• Even though I feel fatigued and too tired to exercise, I choose to know that my energy levels will improve as I get fitter and I choose to be fit and healthy anyway

• Even though exercise feels like punishment, I choose to know that it will help me

• Even though I have no motivation to exercise, I accept myself

• Even though I’d rather eat than jog, I completely love and accept myself

• Even though exercise frightens me because I expect to get hurt or sore, I choose to know that it will help me

• Even though I don’t want to get too sweaty/ hate getting sweaty, I accept this is how I feel

• Even though I’m afraid I’ll look too muscly and big, I choose to know that it’s in my imagination

• Even though I feel people think I look silly exercising, I accept this is how I feel

Reminder Phrases:

• Loathe exercise

• Hate exercise

• Feel too tired

• Feel fatigued

• Choose to be fitter

• Choose to know I’ll improve

• It’s too hard

• Feels like punishment

• No motivation

• No energy

• I feel too tired

• Rather eat

• Hate jogging

• Don’t want to

• Exercise frightens me

• It’s scary

• It might hurt

• Hate getting sweaty

• It feels yucky

• Too sweaty

• Exercise makes you big

• Too muscly

• Too big

Back to that study –

Brain tissue is made up of gray matter, or cell bodies, and filaments, called white matter, that extend from the cells. The volume of gray matter appears to correlate with various skills and cognitive abilities. The researchers found that increases in peak oxygen uptake were strongly associated with increased gray matter volume.

The study involved 2,013 adults from two independent cohorts in northeastern Germany. Participants were examined in phases from 1997 through 2012. Cardiorespiratory fitness was measured using peak oxygen uptake and other standards while participants used an exercise bike. MRI brain data were also analyzed.

The results suggest cardiorespiratory exercise may contribute to improved brain health and decelerate a decline in gray matter. An editorial by three Mayo Clinic experts that accompanies the Mayo Clinic Proceedings study says the results are “encouraging, intriguing and contribute to the growing literature relating to exercise and brain health.”

Now, who needs to tap?


Keep exercising: New study finds it’s good for your brain’s gray matter