Tapping for Food Cravings, Stress and Insomnia – Podcast Episode

By September 2, 2019Blog

Fantastic chatting with Audra on her podcast The Healthy Shiftworker with @thewellnesscouch!

From Audra’s post on Instagram

Today we’re chatting with @petastapleton who is a registered Clinical & Health Psychologist and an Associate Professor in Psychology at Bond University here in Australia. She is a world-leading researcher in EFT – which is short for Emotional Freedom Technique (otherwise known as tapping) and led a world-first randomized clinical trial investigating the effectiveness of EFT on food cravings in overweight and obese adults.

In this entertaining podcast (Peta has a great sense of humour!) we talk all things:

– What exactly is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping, and how does it work?
– How EFT helps to reduce stress hormone levels and support our nervous system on a biochemical level
– The incredible statistics showing how fast it works to help those suffering from conditions such as anxiety and PTSD
– Results from her clinical trial showing how it helps to reduce food cravings – and yes, this does include a chocolate muffin!

-How it can be used to improve anxiety-related sleep issues such as sleep onset and reduce intermittent awakenings.

Listen to the podcast here everyone.

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