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Always remember to be specific to your own physical sensation, words to describe your situation or feelings/ thoughts. Tapping works best when you are VERY SPECIFIC.⁠

Tapping works well for goal success and for ensuring your dreams can come true. It addresses the ‘tail enders’ or doubts inside us that prevent a goal succeeding. It is all about tapping on 2 things:⁠

1. Your BELIEF that a goal can and will come true.⁠
2. The doubt inside your head/body that it can’t/won’t.⁠

Write a goal you would like to come true – read your own goal out loud now and listen for any doubts inside your mind/body. We call these doubts “Tail Enders”. They might be like this:⁠

• It is now the 3rd May 2019, and I am standing on the beach in Hawaii enjoying a perfect vacation (BUT I DON’T HAVE THE MONEY FOR THIS or AS IF – YOU WILL NEVER GO OVERSEAS)⁠

Let’s tap now with the tail ender (not the goal itself) – the idea is to deal with the tail ender so it doesn’t get in the way of the goal coming true. Tap on each negative feeling or statement until they no longer feel true (e.g. you rate them as a 0 or 1). Once you have reduced the negative belief or feeling to a 0 or 1 say your goal out loud again. Re-rate your doubt in that goal or positive affirmation. It should be going down in number as your belief in it increases because you are ridding yourself of the negatives.⁠

You can also tap on the level of doubt only – e.g. your doubt is 8/10 so just tap with your doubt and see what shifts. Use tapping to explore WHY you this goal won’t come true with your tail enders. Do the tail enders represent someone else’s voice from your childhood (e.g. a parent told you, you couldn’t do certain things). ⁠

Always seek the support of a professional and skilled EFT practitioner if you need support with this.⁠[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]