If you have ever walked into a room and said, “What was I going to do here?” you are not alone! Memory is a funny thing. And many things affect it – being too busy, not getting enough sleep, being stressed, maybe you don’t want to remember (because it involves something like homework!), perhaps even age (older people might like to tell you this).

Because we know stress affects memory and tapping helps stress (and helps decrease the stress hormone cortisol), then tapping might also help your memory!

Have a read of how it has helped these teens.

Recently outside at a high school drama event, one girl (Hayley) was extremely nervous and anxious. An EFT practitioner was there to watch their own child perform and noticed this girl. They asked her what was happening, and offered to help with some tapping. Hayley didn’t know what tapping so they quickly went through the points and started tapping “Even though I get nervous and forget my lines, I deeply and completely respect and love myself.” The reminder phrase was “forgetting my lines.”

After the play, she came up to the practitioner twice, about 10 minutes apart, all excited, and said, “I didn’t forget a single line! Thank you!”

Another way to use tapping for memory, is to use the finger points in exam situations (or where you don’t want to openly tap). You can squeeze each side of the finger nail points as you focus on what you are trying to remember and use words like “Even though I can’t remember what that was, I completely accept myself.”

Next time you walk into a room and forget why you were there, try standing there and tapping the facial points a few times and focus on “not remembering” and see what happens!