The Science Behind EFT Tapping

The Science Behind Tapping: A Proven Stress Management Technique for the Mind and Body

EFT researcher and author Peta Stapleton, Ph.D., brings together the history and cutting-edge research of tapping. She also shows how tapping can be used for a whole host of ailments, including anxiety, weight issues, depression, trauma, and more. Dr. Stapleton’s own groundbreaking study involving food cravings in overweight adults helped establish EFT as an effective, valid form of therapy.

In The Science behind Tapping, you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of what EFT is and how it can help you. The book starts with a beginner’s guide to EFT, which includes tapping statements and phrases, as well as helpful charts showing the location of tapping acupoints on the face and upper body. After taking you through its many uses, Dr. Stapleton also explores the common obstacles to success with EFT, and how to combat them.

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The Science Behind Tapping is a tour de force by the top university-based EFT researcher in the world. Dr. Stapleton’s pioneering academic work builds upon the solid foundation of other tapping researchers which she thoroughly summarizes in a readable and understandable way. Clinicians and patients alike will benefit from reading this book which features a skillful balance of science and stories.

Larry Burk, MD, CEHP, Consulting Associate in Radiology, Duke University Medical Center, author of the 2010 Energy Psychology Journal clinical report: Single Session EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Stress-Related Symptoms After Motor Vehicle Accidents

Dr. Stapleton has brilliantly compiled and organized the most comprehensive and up to date book on this important subject. She has managed to bridge the gap between meta analyses and easy to follow instructions for beginning to implement this paradigm breaking technique. As one of the world's top researchers on the subject, psychology professor and EFT trainer, no one is more capable or qualifed to have written this book. This will be the gold standard on the subject and one that will likely never leave my desk!

Craig Weiner, DC Producer of The Science of Tapping

Finally, a comprehensive, clear and engaging book about the science behind a treatment modality that has produced impressive results for decades. Many thanks to Peta for her concise presentation and accessible writing which will benefit clinicians and clients alike.

Carol Look, LCSW, Founding EFT Master

In the Science Behind Tapping, Dr. Peta Stapleton explains the evidence supporting psychology’s most popular self-help technique. EFT or Freedom Techniques is part of the “fourth wave” of psychotherapy, methods that unite body, mind and energy, and can be a quantum leap faster and more effective than mind alone. Dr. Stapleton combines academic rigor with crisp, clear, user-friendly explanations of what science tell us about EFT. The book is organized in sections that make it easy to find the information most relevant to the challenges you or a loved one might be facing, and is illustrated with powerful case histories of people who’ve applied EFT to solve difficult problems. This book will give practitioners and students the confidence of knowing that they're using a method with a sound scientific basis, and provides users with a clear understanding of how to apply EFT.

Dawson Church, author of the best-selling science book The Genie in Your Genes

Peta is one of those rare gurus who traverses academia, teaching, and therapy seamlessly. A world-leading pioneer, she has an amazing ability to bring research to life. Let her share the ins-and-outs of this life-changing technique, and discover how it applies to YOU!

Glenn Mackintosh, Co-Founder, Emotional Freedom Techniques for Weight Management Online Program.

Tapping on the skin to overcome psychological problems looks silly and makes no intuitive sense. But the technique has become increasingly popular since it was introduced in the 1980s and more than a hundred studies now show it to be an unusually effective therapeutic approach, based in part on the principles of acupressure. In The Science Behind Tapping, Dr. Stapleton has brilliantly synthesized the research and nearly four decades of clinical experience into a single resource that will long be a go-to classic.

David Feinstein, Ph.D., Co-author, The Promise of Energy Psychology and The Energies of Love

Peta packs a lot of science, research and inspirational ideas into this ground-breaking addition to the EFT literature. Interspersed with real life case studies, Peta expertly guides you through the science behind tapping and clearly and concisely illustrates the immense potential of EFT.

Professor Elizabeth Boath, Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Dr. Stapleton has written an important overview of a novel form of therapy that is well on its way to revolutionizing the field of psychology, and the delivery of healthcare in general. Her lucid explanations, rich clinical case examples and wide scope of focus ensure that this book will be a valuable resource for patients, clinicians and researchers for many years to come.

Brad Yates, Author of the Best-Selling Children’s Book “The Wizard’s Wish”

Featured Research: World First fMRI Study of EFT

Early findings from a world-first study aimed at scientifically proving a simple ‘tapping’ technique have shown the method is effective in reducing food cravings. This is the first time anywhere in the world that Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans (fMRI) have been used to see physical, scientific evidence of exactly how EFT self-help techniques work on these conditions by changing the brain’s neural pathways involved in addiction and food cravings. After 4 weeks (2 hours per week) of EFT Tapping, participants’ brain scans showed a remarkable reduction in activation. The control group who did not receive any EFT did not change. The full paper and scans are available below.

An Initial Investigation of Neural Changes in Overweight Adults with Food Cravings after Emotional Freedom Techniques

Recommended citation: Stapleton P, Buchan C, Mitchell I, McGrath Y, Gorton P, Carter B. An Initial Investigation of Neural Changes in Overweight Adults with Food Cravings after Emotional Freedom Techniques. OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine 2019;4(1):14; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1901010.


Background: This pilot randomised clinical trial investigated the effect of Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) on brain activation in response to food craving stimuli using functional magnetic resonance imaging. EFT is a brief stress reduction technique which involves stating a cognitive statement with stimulation of acupressure points with a tapping technique.

Method: Fifteen overweight/obese adults were allocated to a four-week group EFT treatment or control condition and completed a measure of food craving. Random repeating images of high-calorie food designed to engage parts of the brain were presented during the pre and post fMRI scans.

Results: The Group x Time interaction for food cravings were significant for the EFT group when compared to the controls. Participant mean scores decreased by 18% for the EFT group and 5% for the control group. Brain activity was mapped using fMRI measures, and there was relative deactivation in the Superior Temporal Gyrus and lateral orbito-frontal cortex for the EFT treatment group only. The control group however, showed continued activation in these areas.

Conclusion: The findings indicated EFT may decrease limbic region brain activity and reduce food related symptoms in overweight/obese individuals. This study also illuminates the neurological mechanisms at work behind the many successful outcome studies of EFT for weight loss. Read full article here.

Dr Stapleton’s professional research page with over a decade’s worth of published clinical trials is available to view here.

Dr. Stapleton has written an important overview of a novel form of therapy that is well on its way to revolutionizing the field of psychology, and the delivery of healthcare in general. Her lucid explanations, rich clinical case examples and wide scope of focus ensure that this book will be a valuable resource for patients, clinicians and researchers for many years to come.

Eric Leskowitz MD, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, Harvard Medical School, Boston MA, USA

As an EFT trainer and mentor I am always looking for materials that support our students' EFT understand. The question I get asked the most is, "How do I describe this weird EFT thing in a way that people will be willing to try it?" I was thrilled to discover of that the topic of Dr. Stapleton's latest book is on the science of EFT. This well-researched book by one of the leading researchers in the field is not only highly valuable for practitioners and self-help tappers wanting to convince others of the validity of this alternative healing method but the author also breaks down the science so that it's easy to understand by the general public. This invaluable resource needs to be on every tapping enthusiasts shelf.

Alina Frank, co-director of EFT Tapping Training Institute

As an Evidence Based EFT for Trauma expert working in post genocide and disaster areas around the world I have anticipated Dr. Stapleton's latest book with great excitement. The Science Behind Tapping is the first book to offer a comprehensive overview of the research that solidly supports the effectiveness of EFT/Tapping as a treatment modality for a vast array of mental health issues including PTSD and trauma. Written in easy to understand language, Dr. Stapleton also includes step by step instructions to use EFT/Tapping clinical and self-care settings. This is a must read book for individuals interested in self-care and self-regulation tools as well as professionals providing mental health, health care, education and humanitarian environments.

Lori Leyden, PhD, EFT trainer, Humanitarian, Peacebuilder, Author

We have been working in over 30 countries with tapping as a first aid for emotional stress and trauma and are often asked about the science. Finally there is a book that gives a how to why tapping works. For an innovative new treatment to gain recognition and appraisal the work of pioneers is required. These pioneers need to be prepared to conduct studies and evaluate the results pragmatically, proving efficacy and sustainability. Tapping is beyond doubts this kind of innovative treatment and Dr Peta Stapleton is a pioneer with a passion for her work that shines through a strong aura of credibility.

Gunilla Hamne & Ulf Sandström founders of the Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) and authors of Resolving Yesterday.

Dr. Peta Stapleton is a master of taking complicate scientific research and explaining it in a way that everyone can understand. In The Science behind Tapping she organizes and clarifies the current research about tapping so that it is easier to share with other (who are often skeptical) and makes it easier for current user of tapping to get the most out of it.

Gene Monterastelli editor of host of the Tapping Q and A Podcast

Dr Peta Stapleton is the world’s leading researcher on EFT treatment for eating disorders. In her latest book, THE SCIENCE BEHIND TAPPING, she takes us behind the curtains of scientific jargon and reveals exactly what tapping therapies do and how they work. She discusses why EFT is so revolutionary, and describes it as the “Fourth Wave” in psychotherapy. The result is a book that is authoritative and evidence-based, while remaining engaging and readable. For anyone interested in THE SCIENCE BEHIND TAPPING, this is a must-read!

John Freedom, CEHP, Chair, ACEP Research Committee

I absolutely love this book. Dr Peta Stapleton has certainly opened the subject of tapping to a mainstream audience by bringing hard science to the subject. Not only do we learn how EFT works, but she explores the research that shows how EFT can be extremely beneficial for conditions like PTSD, anxiety, depression, even food cravings, and much more. For me, as a scientist, this is a definitive book on the subject.

David R Hamilton, PhD. Author of ‘How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

This is exactly the book that is needed in the field of EFT, enabling those involved at every level to understand and then be able to explain to others the development of scientific research into EFT and what this means for EFT/Tapping, whilst at the same time providing an initial introduction to EFT. Congratulations on getting this brilliant book project to fruition!

Jacqui Footman, Chair, EFT International