What Is Introversion and How can Tapping Help?

By March 24, 2020Blog

An introvert is usually thought of as a shy, reticent person. A new movement has arisen in the world, however, promoting introversion for what it is: a normal personality trait, just different from extroversion.

Introversion is not a condition from which you need to recover.  Many introverts have been trying to become extroverts and, in the process, have lost themselves completely and lost sight of the powerful positive traits introverts possess. According to numerous studies, introverts have a highly reactive nervous system that makes them acutely sensitive to their environment. Hence, they need to withdraw to recharge their batteries. They might appear to others as shy, aloof, or not liking other people, when in fact they just have a physiological need to be alone for a while.

Psychology Today (Whitbourne, 2014) outlines nine signs that you might be an introvert. Here is a summary:

1. You enjoy time to yourself.
2. You think best when you are alone.
3. Your best leadership occurs when those you are leading are self-starters.
4. When questions are asked in a group situation, you are the last to raise your hand.
5. Other people seek your opinion.
6. When in public, you often wear headphones.
7. You try to avoid engaging with people who seem angry or upset.
8. Unless otherwise required, you get more phone calls, texts, and emails than you make.
9. You do not initiate small talk in casual situations, such as with salespeople in a store.

There may be more signs than this, but it is a good starting point. The main thing is that none of these signs mean anything negative. They are just characteristics that might describe your preferred way of being. It doesn’t make you wrong, nor do you need to change. Introverts can find themselves feeling overwhelmed, however, and in need of ways to manage their emotions.

Celina Tonkin and I explore how Tapping can help in our book EFT for Introverts but our next blog post will get you started.

p.s. we are both introverts!