You can change the Ending!

By September 11, 2020Blog

Although the traditional and typical way of saying the Setup Statement in EFT Tapping is “Even though I …, I deeply and completely love and accept myself,” we acknowledge that not everyone actually feels this way about themselves. The good news is that you can modify the end of the Setup Statement. ⁠

What is really important here is that you state or acknowledge your problem (Even though…) and then accept that this is your current reality. Tapping may change that reality, but first accepting it is integral to it changing. ⁠

You may want to try other endings to the Setup statement in place of the phrase “I deeply and completely love and accept myself,” such as:⁠

• Even though _____, I am okay.⁠
• Even though _____, right here, right now, I am safe and secure.⁠
• Even though _____, I am opening to accepting myself.⁠
• Even though _____, this is my current reality.⁠

Any of these are OK to say – the most important thing is to acknowledge what is happening in the moment and tap on that.