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By January 28, 2019Blog

I am often asked which books on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Tapping are good if you are starting out, or indeed have been working with the technique for a while. There are amazing books out there for choose from – I have a book shelf overflowing with them! But here are some of my favourites that are useful in the early days, some of them focus on EFT and others complement perfectly. You can actually see some of these are worn on the edges as they are really mine here in my office, and they get used a lot!

  1. The Clinical EFT Handbooks (vol 1 and vol 2) are a wealth of information for practitioners and therapists.  Each chapter is written by an expert in the field and cover the clinical application of EFT to fields such as addiction treatment, sports, surgery, weight loss, social problems, and family therapy. The physiological mechanisms of action of EFT are covered, as well as its sources in physics and chemistry. These 2 volumes are essential reading for anyone wishing to understand EFT as validated in research, science, and best clinical practice. (Note: I wrote the chapter on long term weight loss with EFT in Vol 2).
  2. Inna Segal has written 2 amazing books that complement the practice of EFT so well they should be mandatory reading in all EFT trainings! The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness  outlines the messages of the body and reveals the underlying energetic causes of over 200 symptoms and medical conditions – just about everything you can think of at a physical level is covered here. This is similar to Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, but more extensive in my opinion. EFT can be used on any of the suggested origins from the book. The second book here is The Secret of Life Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life’s Big Questions. It outlines many practical skills that can be used in conjunction with EFT for health and wellness, energy and life direction.
  3. Energy Strands: The Ultimate Guide To Clearing The Energy Cords That Are Constricting Your Life  by Denise Linn is my favourite new Hay House book. This is the technique that got me started about 25 years ago – I came across it from a colleague and practiced it over and over again. I am so glad Denise has written this book! She discusses the cords, strands, threads, and filaments of energy that flow to and through us, connecting us to everyone and everything in the Universe. Some energy strands make us feel vibrant and alive. Others deplete and weaken us. Most importantly Denise shows you how to release the cords that bind you and strengthen the ones that heal you. This is a perfect complement to EFT practices and one I highly recommend!
  4. The Ethics Handbook for Energy Healing Practitioners by the fabulous Donna Eden and Dr David Feinstein is essential if you are running a practice. I actually think it is better than some of the ethics texts we recommend in psychology! This text is filled with common ethical dilemmas and what to do as you work with clients. It has guidelines for sound therapy work and suggestions for working with a wide range of client issues and concerns.

That’s all for now – more on recommendations for children in other posts, and specific topic areas.

Please note I do recommend Book Depository for books as I love that they have free postage worldwide. I am also an affiliate for them given the amount of books I purchase! Of course you are welcome to shop at your local store or favourite site online!


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