Your Unconscious: How Can you Change It?

By February 27, 2020Blog

All behaviour, all learning and all change are unconscious. Read that sentence again. All behaviour, learning and change are unconscious.

Once you grasp the magnitude and impact of this statement, your existence and world can suddenly take on a new meaning.

Your reality is based upon your decisions, values, beliefs, memories, language and attitudes, and these are all stored at the unconscious level. These are often called internal filters because they screen all information entering your reality and awareness. If you suddenly decided you wanted to change a belief you have always had (e.g. ‘If I want something done properly, I have to do it myself’), then you have to tackle it at the unconscious level, as your filters would continue to screen everything in the old way.

It will not readily change at the conscious level. Your values, memories and language will continue to bring it back to the state it has always known (in this case, needing to do it yourself).

The real question is HOW. Many modalities can help unconscious patterns, beliefs etc change (for good) – EFT Tapping is a favourite of course, TimeLine Therapy is something I go to regularly (and other NLP techniques), others such as meditation (particularly those focussed on change work once you are accessing the unconscious such as Dr Joe Dispenza), and many more. Know that you CAN change even very old patterns and beliefs – seek out someone to assist if you don’t know where to start, as the unconscious mind is an important tool in our lives; when used to its full capacity, it can aid us in achieving our wildest dreams.

To read more on this concept and access a LOAD of techniques read Your Mind Power: Strategies for Behaviour Change (Hybrid Publishers) –

You can also buy this book at any of my EFT workshops.